Voltage Drop Protection

DC motor drive circuit with automatic load regulation. Main concept is to cut off power from DC Motor and sustain the voltage in the circuit. Also detect low-battery state.

#1 – Dual Op-Amp CA158 (Like LM358)
#1 – Trimmer 4.7 kΩ (voltage limit regulator)
#1 – NPN-MOSFET IRF530 (14A, 100V)
#1 – Capacitor C 0,1 µF
#1 – Capacitor C 0,33 µF
#1 – Led (Green – Bat ok)
#1 – Led (Red – Bat low)
#2 – Resistor R 220 Ω
#3 – Resistor R 15 kΩ
#1 – Brushed DC-Motor Permax 400 (6V)

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